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Walking Objects by Marco Rountree Cruz, 2011

Marco Rountree Cruz (b.1982) is from Mexico City. This excerpt is from an interview that happened after he made his installation at Art Exchange, University of Essex during his stay in England in November 2011.

Zanna Gilbert: You’ve just finished your installation for the exhibition Margins: Walking Between Worlds at Art Exchange. Can you tell me about the idea you had for the work?

Marco Rountree Cruz: It is hard to explain. All my life I have enjoyed walking, it is a very important part of my life actually. Since I was really young I collected trash from the streets and gave importance to the trash, not in a melancholic way, but a sweet feeling, about how an object is just left there on the street. Well, I live in a city, right and it is about how you can give importance to objects by taking them home and treating them like a decoration. When I came and saw the Tacita Dean and Aztec display, and the book there talking about mystic and shamanic stuff, I came with the idea of doing a mystic and shamanic necklace. Usually people hang special things and objects relating to religion on their necklaces. It has this spiritual context, but it is also an issue with fashion and aesthetics, which I really enjoy. I really like conceptual art but I also love decoration. It is funny the necklace thing because I’m also a huge fan of hip hop, remember Flavor Flav, that rapper from Public Enemy who used to hang huge objects like watches, from his necklaces?

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