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Contested Games: Mexico 68's Design Revolution
11 June - 14 July 2012


Contested Games: Mexico 68’s Olympic design revolution

11 June 2012 - 14 July 2012

Venue: Art Exchange

1968: a year of worldwide social unrest, upheaval and protest was also the year of Olympic Games in Mexico. The first ‘nonwestern’ country ever to host the Olympics, Lance Wyman’s landmark designs for Mexico 68 have since entered the history books.
Contested Games will examine how even at the time the Mexico 68 design did not go unnoticed by students protesting for change. Their appropriation of the Olympic design is one of the most fascinating but underexplored aspects of the Mexico 68 legacy.
By exploring both official and student design, this exhibition reveals what is at stake when a country hosts the Olympics, and what happens in the gap between the universal values that the Games represents and the local realities faced in the host country.