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Regina José Galindo, Quién Puede Borrar las Huellas? (Who Can Erase the Traces?), 2003

“¿Quién Puede Borrar las Huellas? took place on 23 July 2003, when Galindo, dressed in black, walked barefoot through Guatemala City. She went from the Constitutional Court building to the Old National Palace, holding a basin filled with human blood. Every few steps she stopped and dipped her feet into the blood, leaving a bloody trail of footprints behind her. This highly charged walk was a personal (re)action against the still corrupt Constitutional Court that had allowed Efraín Ríos Montt —a former dictator accused of committing genocide during the civil war— to run for president a few days earlier.

The symbolism of the performance seems clear: the footprints represent the thousands of civilians murdered, predominantly by the army, during the civil war. It is notable that Galindo re-negotiates past and present violence by making it publicly visible.”

-- Michelle Franke, “Mediatic Violence and the Work of Regina José Galindo,” 2011

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